FAMILY MATTERS: Acceptance (09-18-2016) ~ Pastor J.P. Freeman

The third sermon in the FAMILY MATTERS series: For what hungers your family?  Where can you go, when you are empty, hungry, tired & worn? To the One Who is with us… To the One Who can help us…. To the One who knows our need… To the One – Jesus Christ: Who Accepted what was available.  Whose blessing & power met the needs of all the gathered people.  Who offers us ACCEPTANCE.  To Whom All our Families Matter.  Who makes sure that nothing is wasted, or is lost, but that all is Gathered In.

FAMILY MATTERS: Attitudes that Wreck Relationships and How to Change Them (09-04-2016) ~ Pastor J.P. Freeman

Family Matters Series: “Attitudes that wreck relationships and how to change them.” or What we learn from the Prodigal’s Brother’s Father, about God’s attitude on change. The most famous gem in the Bible. Luke 15:11-32.  What to do?  Work on cultivating an attitude – that is more beautiful than beastly.  Learn when enough is enough.  Love never fails,  Reduce Conflict,  Live our lives of Covenant Renewal   

Humble Pie (08-14-2016) ~ Pastor J.P. Freeman

Week 30 in our BELIEVE series - our last week of learning how the Think, Act and Be like Jesus.  Meditation: HUMBLE PIE Key Verse:  Philippians 2:3-4 NIRV - Don’t do anything only to get ahead.  Don’t do it because you are proud.  Instead, be humble.  Value others more than yourselves.  None of you should look out just for your own good.  Each of you should also look out for the good of others.